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23ideas is a German strategy consulting firm that helps companies unlock opportunities for growth through its expertise in research, strategy, innovation and marketing. 23ideas focuses on leveraging the opportunities that result from the sweeping impact of the internet on growth, the changing consumer or customer behaviors in today’s times of digital information overflow, and the profound impact of technology on innovation and businesses globally. In our daily work, a comprehensive understanding of consumer insights and customer demand shifts intersect with business thinking, design-driven innovation and creativity.




Our research and analysis is rigorous and fact-based, but also creative and insight-driven. We combine discovery of deep insights on customer demand, industry trends and competitor dynamics on one hand, and a strategic understanding of our client’s core capabilities from a resource-based perspective on the other.


 Developing Powerful Strategies for Growth. 23ideas develops corporate strategies and business level strategies. Formulating growth strategies is at the core of 23ideas’ expertise. We explore growth opportunities using a broad range of tools, methodologies and capabilities.


We focus on building marketing strategies and tactics from the consumer or customer perspective, the ‘outside-in’ approach, which leverages an understanding of how products and services fit into people’s everyday lives to deliver relevant and integrated experiences.

Our Passion

Our greatest passion is developing spectacular ideas for our clients.

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